Basic Color Theories

Color theory surrounds multiple meanings, explanation, and structure. There are different types of color theories because they have logic and can be useful. The color structure, color euphony and the way how colors can be used. Logic structures are used in color theories categories to have a difference between the color types.

Color Structure

It is a type of circle built from a different type of colors from the meadow of art. The first circle color structure was built by Isaac Newton in the year 1666. After this, the researchers have put their own complicated theories. Types of choices about the rationality of one way to the other consecutively arouse discussion. According to the logic sense, the circle disc that has different types of colors in it has pure arranged excellence. There are also types of the color wheel.

Color Euphony

Euphony can be described as the orderly process of things like music or poetry. In sense, Euphony means something that is beautiful to the eye. The type of pleasing thing that creates peace inside some person and please him as nothing can do. When there is no euphony then there is no please and harmony to eyes. It is such described that it can please the viewer. Your mind will forget any boring statement around your head. At first, it creates so much harmony in the person that he can’t stand in not seeing the object. Whereas the mind of a person does not accept such a thing that doesn’t please it and creates harmony in his mind. It is a logical structure that can be understood by anyone. It is an arrangement of logic that produces peace and euphony inside the person. In smaller words over union can lead to under excitement and thrust of encouragement. It is very complex for anyone to understand. Euphony and harmony rate keeps on going like dynamic power.

Color Conditions

Shapes and figures satisfaction is a different talk but the question of what color context they require. You can create a distinctive difference between colors with different backgrounds. Take an example like green looks better against a white background but looks bad against a black background. When taking a look at several types of colors help us to understand the logic of color scheme. The relation of worth, the intensity of a color or the cool or warm shade of colors can have a big variation in the ability of color.