Famous Celebrities Who Have a Passion for Photography

Aside from their chosen craft, these famous celebrities have a love for photography too. Their love for photography is not only a fly-by-night flirtation but a lifelong passion. Who are these celebrities? Let’s get to know them.

·         Jessica Lange – She is one of the stars of American Horror Story. Aside from being a character actress, Jessica is also an accomplished photographer. Some of his photography projects include:

o   50 Photographs – It was her first photo book published in 2008. It features 50 black and white studies of unknown people and faraway places.

o   Exhibition at George Eastman House and later on receive an award as the first George Eastman House Honors Award.

o   She released two more books in 2010 and 2013. Her work was exhibited in 2014 in Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum.

·         Normal Reedus – He is a TV host, actor, and model, and best known for his role as Daryl in the zombie drama TV show, The Walking Dead. Don’t you know that before he even became an actor, he was passionate about photography? He took classes during his junior and high school years. His recurring theme is to make the disturbing beautiful; more like finding beauty in chaos. Some of his works were exhibited in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, and Hamburg.

·         Patti Smith – She is a famous singer and an ex-wife of Robert Mapplethorpe. She has been creating multidisciplinary art since 1960s such as installations, drawings, and photography. She works on “pure photography” a photography method of capturing still objects without using a flash.

·         Bryan Adams – He is a popular singer known for his heart-warming and tear-jerking love songs. Aside from singing, Bryan Adams also works regularly as a pro shooter for some of the highly reputable magazines and brands like Vogue, Zoo, Esquire, Fred Perru, Guess Jeans, and Converse, to name a few. One of his unforgettable experience as a photographer was when he was invited to photograph Queen Elizabeth II during her Golden Jubilee.

·         Michael Stipe – He was the singer of the band R.E.M. His love for photography started at the age of 15. He has a formal photography and painting education at the University of Georgia. In 1995, he worked as a tour photographer for Patti Smith.

·         Kenny Rogers – He is a music legend and a highly reputable landscape photographer. In fact, he was one of the judges of Photographer of the Year competition in 2011. His love for photography started as a hobby and then eventually turned into a profession. One of his works that have been successfully published was “American Beauty,” which features the diverse beauty of America. In his work, he showed the beauty of remote Alaskan landscapes, country’s national parks, and waterways, to name a few.

There are still more celebrities out there who are into arts and photography. The ones mentioned above excelled both in the entertainment and photography industry; both a form of art but with different nature.  

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